German-Russian / 9TH MEETING


2 hours

Today we dived deep into music. We talked about some music that is considered “classic” (not like the old composers “classic”, but rather “Never Gonna Give You Up”, you know?), and I showed Alla Borisovna Pugacheva to Chris. She was the Queen of Russian’s music stage like 30 years ago, so even now everyone knows at least the most famous songs of hers, and even now some young people attend her concerts, though most of her audience is, of course, people slightly younger than her or just about her age (which is now 71). So we listened to one of her absolute hits – “Million scarlet roses”. It was funny to watch Chris trying to guess the translation of the lyrics, mostly because he thought about stalking somebody as there is a phrase “near the window” xD Actually the song is about a painter who was very poor and the only thing he had was his old house. He fell in love with an actress, but she didn’t pay attention to him. Then he sold his house and bought 1 000 000 of scarlet roses, which he placed on the square under her window. And then only she noticed him, of course.

Then we discussed some modern music. For example, Chris showed me a song by Capital Bra, which had mixed lyrics – both German and Russian, and then we explained “our” parts to each other. The message was simple – the singer (or his character) was blaming a girl for being not good enough for him. Plus drugs and alcohol, of course. And as the chorus was pretty repetitive, it remind me of a famous Russian song by RASA, which is hilarious and very repetitive, too, but has over 300K views on YT and is considered a hit. The whole song is basically “you’re the bee, I’m the beekeeper, we love honey, we’ll be lucky and carried away in dance”. However, Chris managed to highlight some useful vocabulary for himself. Well, I guess that’s the only thing songs like that are good for. 😀

After our meeting I’ve made a playlist with good Russian music, and after Chris listened to it for the whole day, he told me that he liked найтивыход (which is pretty depressing for me) and Мельница (one of my favorite bands, they sing in folk genre). Then he, in return, made a playlist with German music for me. Of course, he had to include Rasputin, as it is sung by German singer. I have to be hones here – I love that song and how it represents Russians. xD

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