Finnish – Vietnamese, part V: Äkkiä

Friday November 13th and we gotta rush. We gotta finish “äkkiä”. “Äkkiä” was again a funny word to me. I got really confused about that word which means “in hurry” or precipitately. I guess it’s not that rare that you find your native language somewhat odd. We use “äkkiä” when something goes fast, when we have to rush, when things happen quickly. We also go “lujaa”, which is hard or fast.

Yet again, we are sticking to one word and we discuss it a bit deeper 😀 We find some differences in concepts we have in our languages and it widens our view in a strange way. It’s like we find new senses or something. It happens quite “äkkiä” and after the meeting I wonder if Suong gets some useful information out of our intuitive session. Is this something you won’t get from ordinary language classes? There was so little we managed to go through this one hour meeting. One word and something about it.

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