Finnish-German 2nd meeting: ice skating on Tohloppi

Our second meeting spot was the lake Tohloppi where we tried out ice skating. We started by learning a couple of Finnish words related to ice (=jää) and ice skating (=luistelu). During the meeting we also discussed in German, which was really nice. The girls were very helpful and encouraging, so I felt quite comfortable in speaking German. I noticed that my lack of vocabulary (especially verbs) makes the listening and speaking a bit hard sometimes but I’m very motivated to change that by studying more and speaking more.

The girls also told me about traveling by train in Germany. I was especially interested in the topic because I might have a chance to spend an exchange period in northwestern Germany in spring 2022 and I would like to see as much of Germany as possible. I learned that the trains can be cheap if you buy the tickets early enough, which I believe is the situation in Finland as well.

We agreed to bake cinnamon rolls (Zimtschnecke auf Deutsch) and listen to Finnish & German music in our next meeting. The picture I added to the blog post is unfortunately not from Tohloppi (it was way too cold to take pics :D) but from one of my favourite spots in the city centre (Hämeenpuisto). I’m looking forward to our next meeting after the winter break!

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