First meeting – Italian/ Dutch team

For our first meeting we decided to meet up in one of our rooms. Since my partner is not enrolled in the course, this was useful to show her the main part of the course. We also went over the preliminary plan I made and she was really excited about it.

To start off we decided to go through the Italian alphabet, which is commonly done in other courses as well. In basics of Finnish we did this as well, but fundamentally the Finnish alphabet is the same as the Dutch/ English one, but with different pronunciation. However the Italians decided to throw some letters away because they don’t use them in Italian (they do use them in words derived from other languages). J, k, w, x and y are not used in their alphabet. However her favourite football team “Juventus” starts with a “J”, the pronunciation of the word is just “Uventus”.

After the alphabet she taught me that you have to pronounce the “c” and “g” differently when there is an “i” behind the letters. This was clearly explained by the use of words she made me read on things she found, for example ciao (hey) and cane (dog).

To end the lesson we went over the letters from the alphabet and formed one word for each letter.

Since I am not a very linguistic person, I have a hard time remembering words and sentences, but I hope this will improve during our next lessons and I will try my best to keep up.
She is really good at staying patient and explaining everything and you can see she has a passion for teaching and talking about her culture.

I am looking forward to more meetings.

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