Luistelemme järven jäällä #2 meeting German-Finnish crew

So on our last meeting we decided that we definitely need to go iceskating on a lake since we are in Finland. We agreed to go to Tohloppi this monday and because we thought it’s easier and faster we wanted to take my car and pick up Jasmin in the city. But i didn’t take the finnish weather into account. So Meike and I ended up having a nice 30 min upper body workout scratching  the ice of the car. Half an hour late we finally picked up Jasmin and soon we’ve been on the lake.

The ice was definetly nice than on Näsijärvi but still there have been some holes that made it difficult sometimes not to fall. We had some nice chats about trains in Germany and our homes and learned the Finnisch vocabularies related to ice skating, snow and skiining.

To ice-skate = luistella; we ice-skate= luistelemme; ice=jää; on the ice= jäällä; we ice-skate on a lake= luistelemme järven jäällä; skiing= hiihtää

Since it was raining on the weekend the consistency of the snow is super strange. I learned that finnish people have a word for “snow that you can cut in pieces”=hangen kuoret.

After the winter break we are going to meet for baking Korvapuusti and I’m rally looking forward for that 🙂

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