#1 Meeting 6.2, Finnish/English

Christine and I have seen each other many times before the first lesson so for our first lesson, we decided to have a meal at my place. We went together to an K- Citymarket and got some finnish food!! Christine had already tried the “riisipiirakka” and some other traditional things. So then we ended up with black sausage “mustamakkara”, “kalakukko”, this one type of fish “silli, meatballs “lihapulla”, aaand other things. For desert we had this thing called breadcheese “leipäjuusto” with cloudberry (lakka) jam and salmiakkisuklaa (salmiakkichocolate)and normal salmiakki.

After eating we took some paper and pens and I taught Christine the food words that were on the table. It was a good idea that i said the word, and write it on the paper and the Christine wrote them.

We also went thought some basic things, me, you, him/her… in finnish and also family names.  Have to just try to relax with the teaching because there is so many things and different meanings in finnish langue that maybe i dont even know all of them 😀 Start with the simple things, try make it fun and teach some common phrases.

We had a really nice evening together.


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