French-Spanish second meeting : vacations

For our second meeting, we decided to train ourselves on speaking about the past, using past tense to describe vacations we went on.

This is a difficult exercise because it is a form of conjugation less used than the present one. Therefore, it requires more thinking beforehand and adaptation.

However, it is really pleasant to learn about a language by talking about our own experience. This way, the teaching is targeted to what matters to us, to our hobbies and what we like. It feels more important. Of course it is important to learn about general vocabulary, but using our own experience makes the learning playful and it feels like a game. The attention is increased and I believe it is more efficient.

It was also a great way to get to know each other even more, and to get ideas for future vacations !

We also discussed about a case going on in Spain concerning a rapper who is being imprisoned for things he said. I had heard about it on social medias, but having Spanish people to go over this with is really pleasant as they can explain the situation.

I once again had a good time with Ernest and Carlos

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