Meeting 2 (Fate, the winx saga) – Italian/Dutch team

For the second meeting we decided to do something less intensive. We watched the series “fate, the winx saga”. You would think that this is not the best thing to learn about a language, but this series actually was useful for some words and some culture.

The first thing that was discussed was the title of the series. Apparently there was a big misconception about the title in Italy, because “fate” is an actual word in Italian which means fairy and since the series is about fairies it could be possible. However this was not meant to be this way.

In the episodes you get to know the characters and get familiar with their names. The names were al names that were actual words in Italian, this made it very easy for me to remember them.
Some examples of names: Terra (which means dirt or the ground outside), Stella (which means star) and some more.

It was the first time was taught words by watching a series, but I found it very useful and easy to remember since you keep hearing the names and “words” and then think about what they mean in the other language. It also keeps it playful and easy to absorb.

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