Catching up (Meeting 4)

Meeting venue: Online
Date: 23/03/21

Today we met online. A lot of things has happened since our last meeting. The lockdown, Covid Spread, quarantine, lapland trips, Northern Lights, assignment, classes etc. For todays session, we just wanted to talk about where we are and what we were doing.

I heard some devastating news from Enric. He tested positive for COVID-19 and has been in quarantine ever since. He told me that he was fine now but there was a point where he lost his sense of taste. He had to cancel his trip to Lapland and had to stay home to recover. However, on the positive side, he was able to make a lot of assignments, group and individual project also find some time for himself.

Since he’s all better now, he is planning to visit Lapland during his Easter break and hopefully see the Northern lights. I was able to go to Lapland and see the Northern lights. So, I wanted to share my experience with him. Along the way, I also give him a weather check on the areas he was going to visit. He seemed really excited to make this trip and hoped to see the Aurora which makes me wonder if he got to see it or not. I will find out during our next meeting.

For the next meet, we are planning to do some activities together and continue learning more Spanish. He told me that to let him know if he makes mistakes while speaking English because he is very keen to improve his English grammer and vocabulary but I personally think he already speaks good English.

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