German-Finnish Kässpätzle Abend

After we already met on sunday and had awesome korvapuusti, that btw were gone one day later, we met again on Tuesday for a German evening. We cooked basically the most common southern German vegetarian dish that there is: Kässpätzle. It’s a very special type of pasta with several types of cheese melted into it. After some time Meike and i discussed how the forms of the Spätzle differ between the west and the middle of Germany and that we call the form “Knöpfle”. Sadly we didn’t have the orignal cheese but i think it we managed to get pretty close with Edamer and Cheddar and it was delicios.

During the meal we talked about easter traditions in Germany and Finland. In Germnay there comes the Osterhase and hides treatsand little gifts for the children. Jasmin told us it’s the same in Finland and the easter bunny is Pääsiäispupu. She also told us about a bonfire tradtion in western Finland. We also talked about akku anka and that Meike always gets finnish ads with it. And about a specific german dish type called Brotzeit /Vesper, which is jsut bread and then some sliced cheese or cold sausage mostly with cornicorns or silver onions.

at the end we played 2 rounds of “halt mal kurz” and talked about the rules and so on in german and we agreed to meet after Jasmin and I are back from our Easter trips for a classic finnish salmon soup.

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