Meeting 6, stereotypes and geography – Italian/Dutch

This blogpost might not be suitable for some people, since we talked about the geography and stereotypes of our home countries. Of course stereotypes are not true, but sometimes there might be some true things.

To start off, there is of course the pizza and pasta. This one is as true as it gets, since it’s their specialty and they are very proud of it. However, never, and they take this very serious, put pineapple on a pizza. If you would do this, you might not make it out.
The second stereotype is how the Italians are a little disoriented from time to time. They are not very reliable if you have to be on time and are not very good at organizing. In some cases this is true (their traffic) but I guess every country has some places or events that are a little disorganized.
Just like their cars, they like everything to be pretty, even though their reliability might not be good at all.

My partner is from Milano, which is located in the North. From the people in the north there are some grudges held against people from the South and the other way around this might be the same. The people from the North think the people from the South don’t work and are lousy.
This is almost the exact same in Belgium, I explained to her how the country is very divided. We have the Flemish part (which I am from) and the French part. The Flemish part also holds some grudges against the French, because they also don’t want to work and are not very respectable.

Italy is a very diverse country, they have mountains, beaches, country sides and many more beautiful places. It is a country where you can see almost everything, also their cities are very pretty with nice monuments and beautiful buildings.
Then I had to explain to her that Belgium is not very beautiful, we also have some diversity in our country and the fun part is, that you can cross the entire country in a couple of hours by car. We have some small hills in the south, an ugly coast and some pretty cities.

It was interesting to hear that some countries have the same internal problems and grudges against their own people. The stereotypes were also fun to talk about since they can either be offended by it or say that they are actually true.

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