#5 Meeting, Finnish-English

Hello again!

On a nice sunny day, we desided to go cycling around the city!! We also took part on an easter egg hunt event, but were not successfull this time. But we had fun, enjoyed some fress air and also I taught Christine some traffic related fraces. While cycling, I used the oppertunity to teach how to say “to right” oikealle “to left” vasemmalle, and “straight ahead” suoraan. I think Christine learned them pretty well because there was so much repeating of the words. Also we talked about how to say in finnish: different kind of roads, vechicles and also some birds that we saw on the way!

We enjoyd the cycling so much that when we got back to my place I was suprised about the lenght of the trip!

At my place we had dinner and wrote down on paper the fraces we had been using outside, to make the learning more efficient.


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