Finnish-Arabic: Meeting #4


In this meeting, Finnish was the target language and Umair didn’t attend.

Illona mentioned in a previous meeting that Muumins, the famous Finnish series, can be considered a heavy, and even philosophical, series that has some difficult and poetic phrases. Hence, since my level in Finnish was better and I was the only attendant, we decided to watch a Muumit episode!

The episode was about Finnish spring titled “Muumilaakson kevät”, which depicted the time when winter was almost over and the characters were waking up from hibernation.  I wasn’t able to fully cover everything in the episode and faced some challenges in interpreting the conversations. Luckily, there was a text in front of me, so I could relate.

Nevertheless, from what we’ve covered I learned more about how Finns have always looked and reflected on seasonal change. As temperature and sunlight get extremely less during winter, it is not strange if it was deemed in Muumins that winter is a period of life pause. Consequently, spring is the time of getting back to life and experiencing joy again.

This may sound a superficial and intuitive thing to say. Of course, no one argues how life in Finnish winter becomes limited; I have experienced this myself. But I wonder how the situation used to be two hundred years ago when there was no machinery or technology at all. Muumins is the resemblance of deeply-rooted Finnish culture, as well as a way to comprehend how different conditions has shaped the collective imagination and mindset of people.

Watching the episode has helped me look at Finland in a much deeper way.

Link to the episode:


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