Finnish-German 6th meeting: listening to music

Today we decided to meet in Zoom to listen to Finnish and German songs. We had a great mix of different genres, such as pop, rock, rap and Schlager (kinda like pop but not quite). I found the English lyrics for most of the Finnish songs and there were even German lyrics for one song called “Pohjois-Karjala” (Northern Karelia) 😀 It was really funny to see the girls’ reactions to the songs, especially the “heavier” song Dance panique by Turmion Kätilöt. After listening to the Finnish songs we switched to German ones and the girls told me that many people listen to Schlager music while drinking and that it’s also played e.g in Oktoberfest. We listened to e.g Cordula Grün by Josh. , Alles als Liebe by Die Toten Hosen and Hoch by Tim Bendzko (Hoch was also used as a song for the World Athletics Championship 2019).

We also listened to some good and bad (according to Meike & Chiara :D) German rap music. An example of the first one was Die da by Die Fantastischen Vier (I liked it quite a lot!) and an example of the second was Roller by Apache 207. It was a lot more difficult for me to understand the lyrics of these songs because there was a lot of slang and the song Roller had many words that didn’t really make that much sense. I feel like the same goes with some Finnish rap songs as well, and I promised the girls to show them some Finnish rap as well when we will cook together.

In addition to the German music we also listened to Hulapalu by Andreas Gabalier. It was an Austrian song with Austrian German and I found it very catchy (it’s still playing in my head while writing this post) and funny. The girls helped me with the words I didn’t understand and told me that the words are often shortened in dialects (Augen -> Augn). I also learned that the letter a is often switched to o (Nacht -> Nocht).

 I feel like I could have listened to even more German music because it’s really interesting to get to know more about it – even about the “bad” songs :’D It was also nice to be able to understand quite a lot of the lyrics in German even though without seeing them I don’t understand that much. We decided that we can listen to more music while e.g cooking the Finnish dish which we’re gonna try in a few weeks. Looking forward to it!

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