6th Finnish-German-Meeting: Music in different Genres

So due to the fact that all 3 of us has been pretty busy, we decided for a short virtual music introduction.

we started out with finnish Schlager: Kaija Koo, Kuka keksi rakkauden. Luckily Jasmin put the english lyrics in as well, because otherwise i would have unterstood not a single word. The song itself is about love (of course), but it was not really my type of music a little too dark and moody. We also had a small discussion about Schlager, which in the german speaking countries can either mean the music your grandma is listening to or the music we (have to) listen to while drinking (beer tents festivities like Wiesn, Wasn, Oktoberfest etc.). Next song was out of the finnish pop genre: Lauri Tähkä; Mä en pelkää. That one sounded like something that runs in the radio a lot, nice and easy to listen to it eventhough i had great troubles understanding at least something. But the pronounciation at that song sounded easier to understand the words themselves. After that we had some rock with Popeda and Kersantti Karoliina. We learned from Jasmin that the Band actually came from Tampere and that this is a song basically everybody knows. We also listened to pohjois-karjala from leevi and the leaving, which is about a reagion in eastern Finnland. She told us that for her this is kind of a song for the car because her boyfriend comes from there and they listen to it while driving there. Last genre was heavy metall: dance panique from Turmion Kätilöt. We also watched the video which is super scatchy.

After this we went to german songs and found out that Jasmin already knew a lot like 99 Luftballons from Nena, Atemlos from Helene Fischer and Deutschland from Rammstein. So we showed her Die da! of Fanta 4, the genre is rap but rather the soft one where you can still understand something. Afterwards we went for something harder which i personally think is horrible. Apache 207 with Roller. Then we decided for some Pop with Tim Benzko and Hoch, which was the song for the Soccer european championship in 2018 and Barfuß am Klavier of AnnenMayKanntereit. Then we showed her an austrian singer and gave her an idea of how the dialect changes the pronounciation at the end we had some rock of Toten Hosen and agreed to listen to some more music on our Finnish evening.

looking forward to see you soon 😉

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