Meeting 6 Finnish-German: Hulapalu and Dance panique

Last evening we had our sixth Finnish-German meeting. Since Jasmin is currently out of town and my time here in Finland is not too long, we decided to have it online via Zoom and finally listen to Finnish and German music.

We started with Jasmin showing us five Finnish songs. The first one was something like schlager and was called “Kuka keksi rakkauden”. Jasmin showed us the English lyrics, but I soon realised that I was absolutely unable to tell where one line of the song ended and the next began. The second song made it easier, it was called “Mä en pelkää” and was more to my taste in the pop direction. I found the song “Dance Panique” very interesting, which can be classified as heavy metal. This actually met my expectations, because I already knew Lordi as a Finnish heavy metal band, and this was very similar from my point of view. Afterwards I watched the music videos of the Finnish songs we listened to and I have to say that I found them almost the most interesting, because they are so different from the music videos I know from Germany. The wide variety between just a half-naked person sitting and singing to a completely abstruse fight video was very funny.

Then we showed Jasmin a variety of German songs, including genres like rap, good rap with meaningful lyrics like Die Da by Die Fantastischen Vier and “bad” rap with meaningless lyrics like Roller by Apache 207. We also showed her German pop and rock like Tim Bendzko, Annenmaykantereit and Die Toten Hosen. Of course, schlager and folk music was not to be missed either, so we listened to Cordula Grün and Hulapalu, music that is mainly played at folk festivals like the Oktoberfest, but where I come from in southwest Germany it is also played a lot at carnival. Hulapalu is actually Austrian music sung in dialect, so we were able to explain a bit more to Jasmin about how it is created.

Listening to the music was a lot of fun and made me realise for the first time how much different music we have in Germany. So I’m really looking forward to the meeting when we cook together again and listen to music while we do it. But the next step is to go on a little city tour through Tampere on Wednesday.


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