Finnish & English #8: Outdoor Day

For today’s EOTO session, we decided with Emilia to keep it outside! We got really lucky with the weather today, it was sunny and a decent temperature today, which was amazing. I went to Hervanta to meet Emilia, because she said there are some great places to walk around there, and I agree, there were lots of paved or unpaved paths which made it really easy.

During our walk we spoke both English and Finnish to keep both languages active. We started talking about kids after we had passed lots of them on our walk, and some differences arose. Emilia said she really likes children that are older, like above the age of 5, because they can speak and communicate with adults so there is a clearer understanding. She also told me about her nephews, which are both around her favorite age, and how she loves taking care of them on behalf of her sister because she can communicate really well with them.

On the other hand, I prefer younger children under the age of 5 because they are easier to handle in some ways, and even though communication is a struggle sometimes, it is still nice because they haven’t developed a true individualistic attitude or personality. Often when children start attending school they develop a lot from their surroundings and other children, so they can rebel a lot more and act out from what their parents have taught them, which makes it a real challenge.

During our walk I noticed how easy it is to talk to Emilia as well. After all of these EOTO sessions and spending time with her outside of school, I have gotten to know her much better and it has been really fun. We have very similar ways of handlings situations and working on school-related tasks as well, which has made a big difference in our team at Proakatemia as well.

I really enjoy walking, and try to go for a walk nearly everyday since I get stuck behind my computer so often during this pandemic. Thankfully now that the sun sets much later it leaves me with more daylight to go on walks as well. I was really happy to share the walk with someone today, and the new scenery was also lovely. I hope we get to do that again sometime soon!

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