Fresh Air and Sunshine, Finnish/English #8

This week, we had to postpone our regular each one teach one to have it on the weekend, due to our busy schedules. But it turned out to be a great option because the weather today was so beautiful. We decided to have a nice walk outside together.

We walked around Hervanta for a couple of hours actually and talked about our relatives, school work, etc. Ella loves really small kids and she feels like she gets along with them much better and I’m the opposite cause me I feel like I know what to do with the older kids cause I can play games with them, draw, paint or go play outside.

It was fun to be close to nature and Ella really enjoys Finnish nature too. We sat down for a second in this frisbee golf park to drink some water and eat some snacks to keep our energy level up. We got some good exercise and fresh air.

We talked about how in the US people say “What’s up” as a greeting and not actually ask how you’re doing. I’ve had some problems with that in the US because I did not realize right away that you are only expected to say “what’s up” back.  This is one of those differences between Finland and the US. Finnish people are very literal; you pronounce every letter on every word and when you say something you mean it. We don’t talk that much and especially not to strangers, but when we do we go straight to business. In the US people do a lot of small talks even with strangers and people might ask how you doing, not expecting you to actually answer that. Not to mention the number of letters in words that are left unpronounced.

Next week we’ll be going through our essays together and give some feedback to each other on those in order to improve our writing skills.

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