#7 German-Finnish walk around the city

I’m really happy that we did the walk today because I feel like when I’m living somewhere that i tend to see always the same places i already know. So today was really nice I’ve been in alot of parts of the city where I’ve never been before. For example the little park above the amusement park which is called Näsinpuisto. We had a nice view over lake Näsijärvi and some sunshine 😉

We prolonged our route towards lake Pyhäjärvi, chatting about loads of different things like special food on holidays, bread culture and that germans will always miss their bread. We also discussed the word lahti and its meaning especially in street names or places. It means bay or bay area.  At the harbour Jasmin gave us the tip that we should take the boat to Viikinsaari, a small island in pyhäjärvi with nice views and small paths. After that we passed a pretty old industrial part with nice little shops and bars which of course were closed.

so this was the route of our walk.

we ended our walk at the Fazer Café and got ourself a croissant and Tippaleipä and a coffee and were sitting in the sun discussing when to meet next for our finnish dinner. And we also decided that after that we will meet for a hike somewhere around.

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