Meeting 7 Finnish-German: Walking through Tampere

After our last online meeting, our group met today for a tour of Tampere, starting in the city centre. The goal was for Jasmin to show us other parts of the city that we students didn’t know yet, and she did a great job!

We started off in a northerly direction, along the river, and finally ended up at Näsinpuisto park, from where we had a wonderful view of the lake and the amusement park. From there we went to the other side of Tampere to the other lake and Eteläpuisto. From there we made our way back towards the city centre, where Jasmin guided us through the harbour and very old-looking parts of Tampere. We ended by getting something to eat and drink at the Fazer Cafe, which we ate by the river.

Chiara and I tried the Tippaleipä pastry, which Jasmin explained to us is typically eaten on 1 May. That’s how we came to the topic of whether there are also pastries in Germany that are traditionally eaten on one day. In fact, Chiara and I could only think of one thing, the pastry “Berliner”, which is typically eaten during carnival. However, it gets a different name, instead of “Berliner” it is then called “Faschingsküchle”. I found it very interesting that I discovered in the Fazer cafe that this pastry also has the word “Berliner” in its name here in Finland.

Our topics during our three-hour walk today generally varied a lot, so we talked about holidays and amusement parks, but also about boat trips, sauna, German bread culture and much more. Among other things, I learned that the Finnish word “Lahti” means bay and that’s probably why many towns on a lake have this part of the word in their names. Furthermore, I learned that street means keto, and that’s why so many streets have this at the end of their names, which I wasn’t aware of before.

Today was a very successful day from my point of view, because I wanted EachOneTeachOne to give me experiences like today: to get to know the Finnish culture from the point of view of the locals, to see the city from a different perspective and to learn all kinds of things about the country and notice things about my own country and language for the first time. The traditional Finnish meal at the end from the Fazer Cafe was then the bonus. For this reason, I am already looking forward to our next meeting, when we will cook Finnish food together.


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