9# meeting Finnish-German Group walk around Pispala and Pyynikki

Since my roommates haven’t been to Pispala either I asked if it’s ok for the others if they would join. So we staretd at Pyynikkintori bus station and set off as 5. First we went along the lakeside. We passed some really finnish looking wooden houses, some really old and impossible to live in some others nicely revonvated and super cute. We also came along the oldest Sauna in Tampere which sadly looked fairly closed. Jasmin also showed us a famous kiosk and told us the history about Haulitorni. The red shed really high on a windy construction, which was used for creating bullets back in the days. It got renovated some years ago but still it’s not possible to climb it for visitors. Afterwards we hiked up to the top where you can see both lakes, the vies is stunning. I really want to go back with a beer and nice warm weather. Because we all underestimated the cold wind that day we quickly went on to Pyynikki area and walked towards the tower to get a hot choclate to warm up and a still warm munkki, which are by the way to die for.

Our topics went all over again. Starting out discussing the weather because it was changing so quickly. In German we call it april weather when it changes from sun to rain, rainbow, snow, windy back to nicely warm in  minutes. Finn do not have a term for that but they have a word for when the winter comes back after some warm and nice days, its “takatalvi”. After that we went for lastnames and how the tradition is changing that not always the woman has to accept the name of the man. Also living alone was a tpoic and how to handle the household.

After we were all close to freezing to death we split up and left for our cosy homes.

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