Last :'( finnish-german meeting Moro SkyBar

For our last meeting we actually wanted to go to the Näsinulea which sadly is still closed, so we went for the Moro Sky Bar to get close to the view. We ordered hot choclate and tea and enjoyed the view til we were thrown out at 10 to 6 so they could close. The hot choclate was delicious and even though it was cloudy, the view was fully worth it and a lot better than last time I’ve been there. At the beginnig we discussed about phrases that are common while the ordering process because i know the basics of ordering, but then they ask me something and I’m completely lost… So a common thing to ask is, if you want a small or big cup. “Halutko ison vai pieni kahvin?” we also discussed that in Germany you always get a little plate underneath your cup which is not common in Finland.

Afterwards we discussed about BT/MT how they can be super different depending on subject/professor/University/Country. In the engineering the Master thesis does not necessarily have to be longer than the Bachelor thesis. And sometimes you have to develop something new already in the BT. Jasmin told us that here normally you cite papers in your BT and in your MT you have to research something yourself, but our fields couldn’t be more different. Over this we came to the topic of social work and how its differnt here and in back home.

After the bar we went together to Lidl ebcause the others needed some groceries. After that Jasmin had a slice of ligon berry cake for us, which was delicious. Normally it is eaten with vanilla sauce. I ate it with whipped cream because i didn’t have sauce, i hope thats no crime here.

I really hope it will be possible for Jasmin to come to Germany in a year or so and i would really love to see you again. You made my visit here something special and a lot more “finnish”. It was really hard to get in contact with finnish people because we have never been on the campus etc. So thank you very much for the insights I got on the finnish culture.

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