French-Spanish first meeting

Ernest’s Report:


Today we did the first meeting. As it was the first day, we introduced ourselves before. We explained what are we studying, our hobbies and things we like to do. Simon first introduced himself in Spanish. this was due to he has some Spanish previous knowledge so he was able to do it. Later on, it was the turn of Carlos and me. We also introduced ourselves in French, as we also had some knowledge about this language. After the presentation, we could understand more or less the language level that we have.


After that, we discussed the terms of the preliminary plan and we arranged what to write on it.

Some basic sentences for ordering things or for asking things were teaching afterwords. We learnt how to demand the bill, ask which tobacco brand are you smoking or if can I have a beer. These are some things that are used in normal daily life, that sometimes are not teaching at school.

It was cool to teach Spanish besides Carlos to Simon. They were very gentle and cool people to make this kind of projects.


After 5 years without practising french, it was good to try to speak it another time and to realize at which level I was.





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