Final EOTO, Finnish/English #10

We had our final EOTO with Ella today and in a way, I felt a bit sad. It has been so much fun seeing her almost weekly and how well we’ve got to know each other. But all good things must come to an end and so is the case with our each one teach one course.

During this course, I’ve been able to improve my grammar in parts that have been a challenge before and I learned that studying does not have to be a huge struggle and source of stress always. I’ve enjoyed this learning experience more than any other before because we were able to focus on the things we actually needed to and also have fun while studying. We’ve go to know each other on a whole new level through our conversations and I feel like working with Ella will be super easy in the future because now we know what works best for both of us. Ella is very organized, even more than me and it has been such a joy to set meetings with her and plan this together.

On this final EOTO we went to the place this all started from; Café Puisto. We both feel at home already in that place since spending most of our meetings there. At this final meeting, we went through our experiences during this course and talked about our learnings. We also talked about our summer plans and how Ella will get to finally go back to the US and see her family. I’m so happy for her and I hope she’ll get to enjoy her time there. I’ll be spending my summer on my parent’s strawberry farm and I think it would be super great if Ella would be able to visit there during this summer.

We also got to reflect on the progress we’ve made during this course and what things we found most useful. For both of us writing the essay and getting honest feedback was the most useful thing we did. Since our cooperation went so well during these few months, we talked about the possibility of continuing our learning journey together, but with the French language, since we’ve both studied it for some time but never have the chance to use it.

I have to say taking this course was probably the best choice of this semester and I truly recommend anyone who even slightly thinks about it to do it because you can modify it to fit your needs. Thank you so much for Ella taking this journey with me and showing me a closer look into the American culture.  I feel like I was able to help her find her Finnish roots and show her the best parts of living in Finland even during the covid pandemic.

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