Finnish – English: Final Meeting

Today was me and Emilia’s last each one teach one meeting! To honor our tradition of going to get coffee, we met at Puisto coffee shop since restaurants and coffee shops re-opened a few weeks ago. For today’s topic, we discussed the entirety of the each one teach one course and our summer plans.

Over the time of the course Emilia and I learned a lot about each other, essay writing, and different cultures. The essay writing was the most beneficial for me, because I was able to challenge myself and write a few page essay all in Finnish. Even reading the book was a challenge since I was not familiar on the topic. I also learned a lot about English essay writing, or more had a good review of English grammar and essay writing specifics. Emilia was extremely helpful when it came to the Finnish grammar, and I have a few tools and links I will continuously use in the future.

We also discussed our plans for the summer and next years studies. Emilia and I will not continue EOTO next fall, but we were considering studying French. I took a course this spring and found it really helpful, and hope to continue it this fall. If there are not options for taking a course, Emilia and I discussed planning weekly meetings where we will practice our spoken French. I really hope we can do this, because I am lacking on my spoken French since people do not speak French in Finland, and I have not been able to travel to France yet.

For the summer, Emilia was telling me about her plans to go home to work on her parents strawberry farm and her boyfriend might join her since they are doing apartment renovations on the outside of the building, meaning it will be really warm inside their place. I wish I had a car and could go visit the strawberry farm because it sounds like a nice place and would be fun to visit. I explained that I will be travelling home in a few weeks to the US and then when I return I will work at Willari, a bike repair project in the city center, with some members of our team.

One thing Emilia and I both noticed along this EOTO course is how organized we are, and how we both enjoy planning ahead and following a schedule. So in the future, if we plan on meeting for French or writing essays together for Proakatemia, I know I can rely on her and work well with her! I look forward to the future and hope we can continue to meet in person in the fall, depending on Covid of course. Thanks Emilia for this spring and see you soon!

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