#9 Meeting, Finnish-English


For our ninth meeting, we were invited to join my friends for a gamenight! We desided to play the same game the hole night, because it was new and it was good for me and christine play as a team. It was called “Smart 10”! (you can google it if you like 😉 )

The game was really good for learning things, it had numbers, colors and general knowledge was needed to gain point.  Fun way of learning the finnish words for example fauna, flora, politics, brands, international terms, tourist attractions, entertainment, music. Christine was able to repeat already learned things, learn new things, and hear the other girls speaking finnish and reacting to the game. I tried to translate as much as possible and include Chris to the game and conversation. I think the night was very  usefull and memorable for her (and also challenged my english skills 😀 )


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