Meeting 7 Learning colours and numbers

Date: 6th May 21
Venue: TAMK

Today, Enric and me met in TAMk, grabbed lunch in school. I also met two of his Spanish friends. We ate lunch together and talked a bit with them. I found out that they live in the same city but they only got to know each other in Finland during the exchange.

After eating lunch and drinking coffee, we all sat down and decided to play UNO. He taught me the numbers and the colours and I wrote it down so i wouldn’t forget. We decided to say the number and the colour in Spanish while playing. Thus, Every time i had to pick or throw a card, I pronounced the number and the colour in Spanish and this time, i had three Spanish native speakers help me and i couldn’t be more happier than that. This exercise helped me remember them easily especially because everybody pronounced it while playing.

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