Belgian-German meeting #5

Me, Tom, Pia, Annikka and Emiel (a Belgian friend of me and Tom) met up to talk a bit about differences between living in Germany and living in Belgium.
The biggest difference is the size of the country. Since Belgium is so much smaller, we can travel to wherever we want withing the country withing 3-3.5 hours. In Germany that is not the case at all.
Pia told us that she sometimes visits Münster, a city located very close to the Dutch border.
She also sometimes goes to Enschede, a city in the Netherlands.
Annikka lives a lot further to the south of Germany then Pia. This results in her having to travel a lot longer to get to bigger cities. She told us she had only gone to Berlin once or twice because the drive is very long.
To finish the meeting we wanted to also learn a little more German grammar, so we asked if they could teach us how to count till 10 in German. I think both me and Tom found it surprisingly easy to do so because it is very similar to counting to 10 in Dutch.

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