Belgian-German meeting #6

For meeting 6 me and Pia decided to meet alone, since Tom had already had a meeting with Pia via zoom when their tutor called to check they were okay.
We met at the lake (the ice had already melted so ice skating was not an option) and had a drink while discussing the educational system in German compared to Belgium.
We found that they are actually pretty similar but there were a few differences.
In Germany you go to ‘grundschulle’ until your 12 years old. This is the primary level of education, which is the exact same in Belgium. The big difference here is that in Germany it is forbidden to be home-schooled. In Belgium this is an uncommon thing but is not forbidden.
Then you choose between 3 types of secondary education being: ‘Hauptschule’, ‘Realschule’ and ‘Gymnasium’.
Gymnasium students are the ones who should go to college or uni after they graduate.
The Realschule students can still go for higher education, but they do learn some practical skills, so they do not have to go to college or uni to find a job.
The Hauptschule student are not expected to go to college and will probably find a job after they graduate.

After we where done talking about schooling systems Pia though me a few more words regarding the outdoors life like ‘baum’ (tree), ‘wanderweg’ (hiking trail), ‘im freien’ (outdoors), and a couple more.

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