Finnish – French | 7th meeting

2nd December 2020 –

For our 7th meeting with Mona, we decided to take things a bit further by going to an escape room with more international peeps, including Niina (Finnish) & Christopher (German), another EOTO duo.

After talking about everyone’s past experiences in escape rooms, we agreed to go for the Idman’s Hideaway, from “Getaway Room Escape” in Tampere, which was supposed to be average in term of difficulty.

As we started the game, we were welcome by an old typical Finnish cabin in the dark woods, that was supposed to be the lair of Nils Idman; one of the biggest criminals in the Nordic countries. Our mission was to find out what happened to the man, and to his tons of missing money.

We quickly all split in smaller groups to cover more grounds and find hints faster, and shout across the room about our discoveries or items we’d need for specific challenges, but we switched teams from time to time, to get a fresh point of view on some hints and/or puzzles. I really liked the shift in dynamic with every one of our group members; some would be all over the place, trying to connect as many dots as possible, while others were quietly focusing on smaller tasks. Sometimes, we’d ask about items translation in each other’s language, but the focus of the evening was to build teamwork in a multicultural group more than learning about languages.

In the end, we solved ~90% of the puzzles, but didn’t make it out… It was a super fun experience overall, and I guess it only fired our group up for a rematch someday!


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