Finnish – French | 8th meeting

30th January 2021 –

2021 had freshly started when we met with Mona for the 8th EOTO meeting, we decided to get a warm drink in Puisto, a cozy & fancy coffee place next to Koskipuisto. It had been a while since we had seen each other, and as winter was getting only harder and colder, it was delightful to catch up.

We obviously talked about how dark it constantly was, and I was indeed having a hard time getting used to the harshness of the Finnish winter, especially in the middle of a health crisis that highly encouraged us to stay home.

With some much time to spend at home, we started talking about shows we were watching at home, Mona told me about this Finnish tv show called Mental that seemed interesting, but we suddenly both doubted that I could find it online with English subtitles, which was a problem that I already faced earlier when I was looking for the latest Moomin animated series.

Mona also pointed the fact that dubbing is almost non-existent in Finland, unless the content is aimed for young kids that are yet unable to read properly. Meanwhile in France, the dubbing industry is huge, and almost every single movie/show is dubbed in French, as it is the 7th most spoken language worldwide.

For most of my life, I’ve dealt with classics such as Friends or Dragon Ball Z with French voices, while Mona had directly access to the original voices. That difference between our pop-culture is quite shocking, as it’s much simpler for Finns to get a better grasp on English, since their ear is trained to hear it almost daily on TV. That must also explain why French peeps are much worse at it…

source: pikist

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