Finnish – French | 9th meeting

20th April 2021 –

Almost 3 months later since the last EOTO meeting, we met again with Mona, under a totally different weather than the last time. Finnish spring was finally upon us and we decided to get drinks outside, in the Koskipuisto park. We were baffled at how crowded the river banks were, and how hot it actually was IN FINLAND!

That’s how we happened to talk about Finnish summers, and how diversified they can be: Mona reminisced some very cloudy summers with endless rains, while I remembered the first time I arrived in the country, experiencing burning temperatures above 30°C. Mona then told me about this funny “first swim after Winter” which is also known as heittää talviturkki (= “to throw away the winter fur”), I had no idea it was a thing here! Can’t wait to take a dip in the lake soon.

Afterward, we mostly talked about Mona’s condition which was being a real burden at the time: her dominant hand was injured, which wouldn’t allow her to work anymore (or even accomplish very basic everyday-life tasks…). Therefore, she was in contact with FSHS to get appointments with a nurse and a physiotherapist, and told me more about how these services usually work. At the time, I needed to get my wisdom teeth removed and get an overall check-up, so she gracefully offered to help if I needed! As an alternative solution to compensate for her hand situation, she tried to use the speech-to-text option on her phone, which would give her quite weird results at times… Guess these features are not well optimized yet!

Then, I proceeded to tell how the French health system works, as it’s much cheaper and heavily centered around this one “Vitale” card, which is linked to your health insurance, and dispenses you from medical bills if your health plan allows it.

It was a real pleasure to be out on such a sunny day, a few deadlines were still around the corner, but it was a nice change of pace for once!

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