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Spanish-french meetings #10

For my last post I would like to say that I have had so much fun with this subject.

It has been really easy to keep in touch with Maylys, as both of as live alone now it is just like two friends calling each other whenever they want, just to talk. I can say that I  got back my french level but I haven’t been able to improve it so much because we ended up talking in english every time, sorry for that XD.

I will confess that I thought this subject was going to be different than how it has been, and I say that for good. It has been nice to talk to a stranger with the same kind of life as me but in another country. Thanks for the opportunity.

We have kept in touch this past weeks and we call each other at least once a week if we can.

Spanish-french meetings #9

By the last part of this course she had her exams one week before so we had like a two weeks break to study (we kept talking by Whatsapp but we didn’t had any meeting).

Two weeks later we did our last course meeting and I think it was our 20th or so. We had a great time talking about what we have planned for summer and telling old stories from our childhood memories in summer. It seems that both of us broke our hand the same summer, she broke her hand falling from a tree and me skating with some friends XD. Both of us agree that having a broken hand for summer is not very funny XD.


Spanish-french meeting #8

Hello everyone, for the last month of our Finland “exchange” and her french course we had a lot of work, but we realized that we started to have a lot of things to talk about again XD.

I remember showing her my project work for Mobile App Development and she helped me with the design of the interface. I would like to share it with you but I have changed so many things and this new implementation is not finished yet XD.

One week later she told me that her exams went grate and that she would start her summer vacations by the first of June, I will have to wait until 02 of July for my summer vacations.


Spanish-french meetings #7

By the beginning of May we had met like 12 or 15 times. We got used to talk every week by Whatsapp and meeting usually every Friday.

I reached my french speaking level from school and she was happy with the progress she was making, but I think that by the 15 meeting we started to have less things to talk about, as I was every day studying for my exams and she also had to study a lot too. For two weeks it was hard to make some progress.

I remember that we talked a lot in one of the meetings about our degrees and why we had chose them. I realized that I would have like to study a degree in business and marketing too XD.

Spanish-french meetings #6

As I have told on the last posts we kept doing pretty much the same for the rest of the course. One different meeting we had was the one where I went home from my rugby training and I broke my left thumb.

Maylys said that it was very funny to see me trying to make dinner with one hand. Lucky me I broke my left thumb, not my right one which would have been terrible XD.

She also told me that his family was worried about her aunt, who had Covid-19 but she went out of danger some weeks later

Spanish-french meetings #5

By the ninth meeting or so I traveled to Asturias here at Spain for two weeks and I could show Maylys some of the Spanish north and how beautiful it is.

She told me that she use to travel to Biarritz which is very close to Spain and she told me that about three or four years ago her family spent one week on Pais Vasco here at Spain, so she knew that it was really incredible.

We ended up talking about the times were we have been in each other country (I have been there only once so she talked more than me XD).

Spanish-french meetings #4

For the fifth to seventh or eight meeting we had a special one where we brought some of our friends and shared an online drink like the ones we did on quarantine.

We had a great time but I have to admit that we didn’t practice our spanish or french at all, maybe a little but just when we talked about the audios we sent each other by the week XD.

I  don’t know if we will be able to do de trip we planned on that meeting but it would be great, we bring that up one or twice a month. If possible we would like to meet in Italy

Spanish-french meetings #3

For the third to fifth meeting we kept doing what I said on the last post. We kept playing  that audio game almost every day and we keep doing nowadays.

Sometimes I  was at my university when we had our meetings so she met some of my friends and as I will tell on the next post I  met her friends too.

I remember that for these weeks we talked about situations like having a beer with friends, going shopping or to the cinema, and we always ended up talking about stories of us at those situations and laughing about that. The covid thing was so present in every talk as we talked about how we wish to be able to make those plans again.

Spanish-French meetings #2

I would try to summarize what we have been doing this past months.

At the beginning we used to talk about how our week went and about or subjects there in Finland, later we tried to improve our spanish/french with some games and real talk situations. At the end of the day Maylys was always the one who took it better XD.

We both have friends in our countrys who have been helping us with our french/spanish and we had like kind a game where we used to send each other whatsapp audios on each others languages to make funny conversations, each other had to solve the sentence and answer in his language.

10th meeting Finnish-German

Kira and I met for the last time on Sunday. We went to Cafe Katto, which is a cafe on the roof of Finlayson that has a great view. We talked about buildings and their names because we could see a lot of those from the roof.  We also talked about school systems and the differences between the two countries. Overall it was a very nice last meeting!