Animals from the north and the south

Our fifth session was about animals. I told Sharon about the biggest wild animals we have in Finland: moose (hirvi), bear (karhu) and wolf (susi). I think it’s quite cool to have such wild animals living in the finish forest. I told that in the past there were many fatal accidents between moose and cars, but that this situation got better during the past 20 years as there are many fences built next to the highways, near to areas with a lot of moose. Also the cars nowadays are safer so that even if the car hits a moose it doesn’t necessarily mean that the passengers will die of the impact. About bears, they might only attack humans if the person happens to be in between the mother and a cub. As a child I was told to pretend being dead if I encountered a bear in the forest, luckily I never had to use this skill. Wolves on the other hand have a very bad reputation even if they practically never attack humans and luckily in the past years their number has increased in Finland. 


It was very interesting to hear about the wild animals that live in Kenya, such as lions, baboons or cheetah. When Sharon was telling me that lion means simba in Swahili, I remembered my all time favorite movie which is Lion King. Simba was the name of the main character of the movie who, naturally, was a lion. He had a monkey mentor whose name was Rafiki and this means friend in Swahili. I was so happy to learn this because I love the movie and I never knew that some of the characters’ names were actually real words in Swahili. 



animal- mnyama




cork-male hen









male cow -ndume


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