Food for thought

The theme of our fourth session was food and again, it was easy to find differences between Finland and Kenya. In my opinion Finland does not have a very rich food culture, but there are a few traditional dishes that everyone should know about. I do understand if foreigners are not very eager to taste all the traditional Finnish foods as some of them might look or taste very suspicious at first. 


Something I wanted to teach Sharon was the whole culture of mustamakkara in Tampere, as I am originally from Tampere. I explained that the typical way to eat the blood sausage here is to combine it with lingonberry jam and drink milk with it. The typical place for this would be a summer day in the market place called Tammelantori.


I also told her that the food culture in Finland and Tampere has developed a lot during the last 10 years as locals are more aware of food quality and also international tastes. Tampere is lucky to have many international restaurants run by people from all over the world. One of my favorites is Aloha Ramen that is run by my friend who is Vietnamese-American.


Mitä tänään syödään? What shall we eat today?

Mitä haluat syödä? What do you want to eat?

Karjalanpiirakka = Karelian pie

Karjalanpaisti = Karelian stew

Mustamakkara = Blood sausage


maito = milk

puolukkahillo = lingonberry jam

Hyvää ruokahalua = Enjoy your meal

Kiitos, ruoka oli hyvää = Thank you, the food was good.


food -chakula

Tutakula nini leo?-what shall we eat today

Unataka ule nini?-what do you want to eat?

unataka kula nini ?


Ugali -maize flour


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