I love this city!

The theme of the sixth session was city. Sharon was familiar with many places in Tampere that have the word “keskus” in them which means center in Finnish. I explained how keskusta means the city center, Keskustori means the central marketplace in Tampere and Koskikeskus is a shopping mall in the center of Tampere and its name refers to the Tammerkoski stream that runs through Tampere. I told about the importance of Tammerkoski in the development of Tampere and how still the red brick buildings that are situated around it remind of the time when the power of the stream was used as a source of power to the factories.


Kaupunki = City

Missä kaupungissa asut? = In which city do you live?

Mikä on sinun kotikaupunkisi? = What is your hometown?

Keskusta = center

Paljonko matkaa on keskustaan? = How long is it to the center?

Keskustori = Central market square

Koskikeskus = Stream center

Tammerkoski = the name of the stream

Lakes of Tampere: Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi

Näsinneula = The needle of Näsi

Famous marketplaces: Tammelantori and Laukontori





mtu In singular



rivets -mito


market place-sokoni




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