Let’s do sports!

Sports have always been somehow part of my life and this is why I wanted to have one session related to it too. In Finland the most popular sports has been ice-hockey for many years. Tampere is a special city in a sense that it has two ice-hockey teams in Jääkiekkoliiga, the highest series of men’s ice-hockey. The two teams are called Ilves and Tappara and in my experience the people from Tampere are fans of one of the two and this is not something one can change during their lives.


Urheilu = Sports =Michezo

Harrastus = Hobby = 

Kilpaurheilu = Competitive sports = Mashndani ya michezo

Jääkiekko = Ice hockey = Mchezo wa magongo (barafu) 

Jalkapallo = Football = Mpira wa miguu 

Koripallo = Basketball = Mpira wa kikapu 

Lentopallo = Volleyball = Mpira wa wavu (voliboli) 

Yleisurheilu = Athletics=  Riadha

Kuntosali = gym =  Ukumbi wa mazoezi

Loukkaantuminen = Injury =  Jeraha

= Twende tukaangalie mchezo wa magongo 

Harrastatko liikuntaa? = Do you do any sports? =  Je? Unafanya michezo ipi? 

Mikä on suosikki urheilulajisi? = What is your favorite sports? = Je? no mchezo upi unaoupenda zaidi? 

Menen nyt lenkille = Im going for a run/walk = Ninaenda kutemba /kukimbia 

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