Time to study

What has helped Finland to give equal opportunities to kids no matter their background has been the school system. The finnish education system is based on public education centers. There are some private centers too, but the vast majority up until now have been the public ones. The level of teaching is very high in finnish schools and so the results of PISA-test used to be top of the world for many years. Some changes are happening and I think that the Finnish educational system is going towards privatization slowly but surely. There are clear threats to this and I think every Finnish person should be aware of it.


An interesting detail that came up during the meeting in that in Finnish there are two different words for students depending on which grade they are in, so students before high school are called oppilas and students from high school on are called opiskelija. There is no such distinction in Swahili, so every student is called Mwanafunzi.


Koulu = School = Shule

Oppilaitos = Educational center = Kituo cha elimu

Päiväkoti = Kinderkarten= shule ya chekechea

Lukio = High school =  shule ya upili

Korkeakoulu = Higher education center = Kituo cha elimu ya juu

Yliopisto = University = Chuo kikuu

Luokka = Class = Darasa 

Opettaja = Teacher = Mwalimu 

Oppilas = Student (in school) Mwanafunzi 

Opiskelija = Student (from high school on) = Mwanafunzi (we make no distinction) 

Luento = Lecture = ukumbi wa mihadhari 

Mihin aikaan luento alkaa? = At what time the lecture starts? Mhadhara unaanza saa ngapi? 

Minulla on koe huomenna = I have an exam tomorrow = Nina mtihani kesho

Matematiikka on lempiaineeni = Math is my favorite subject – Hesabu ndio somo ninalolipenda zaidi

Mihin aikaan pääset huomenna koulusta? = At what time you get out tomorrow from school? = Kesho unatoka shule saa ngapi? 

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