What should I wear today?

We went through names of clothes that are used in Finland especially in the winter time, like coat, hat, gloves and so on. These words are useful for someone living in Finland as one cannot make it through the long winter without wearing them. Also, a sentence that is often heard, especially by parents in Finland is “Pue lämpimästi päälle ennen kuin lähdet ulos!” which means Put on warm clothes before going out. This is probably a very useful advice as normally kids, especially teenagers rebel against dressing up in warm clothes when the weather gets cold. It varies according to a generation towards what items this rebellion goes. In my teenager years we would rebel against hats in the winter and when I look at the youth nowadays, it looks like they rebel against covering their ankles.


Vaatteet = Clothes = Mavazi

Ulkovaatteet = Outdoor clothes =Nguo za njee

Talvivaatteet = Winter clothes =  Nguo za baridi

Takki = Coat = koti

Hattu = Hat =  kofia

Paita = Shirt = Shati

Housut = Pants= Suruali

Kengät = Shoes = viatu

Farkut = Jeans = suruali za jin

Hame = Skirt = sketi

Sukat = Socks = soksi

Pipo = hat for the winter = Kofia ya baridi 

Hanskat = Gloves= Kinga 

Kaulahuivi = Scarf = Skafu 

Pue lämpimästi päälle ennen kuin lähdet ulos = Put warm clothes on before going out=  vaa nguo za koto kabla ya kuenda njee

Ostin tänään uuden paidan = I bought a new shirt today=  Nimenunua shati mpya leo

Mikä on paras vaatekauppa Tampereella? = What is the best clothes shop in Tampere? = Ni duka lipi lizuri la kununua nguo Tampere 

Nämä ovat lempifarkkuni = These are my favorite jeans =  Hizi ni suruali za jiinsi ninazozipenda zaidi 

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