Our first Finnish lesson

Today we had our first meeting, where Elina and Heini taught some basics of Finnish to Simon and me. We started our meeting with a little chat about what we already know about Finland, the Finnish language, and culture. Heini and Elina told us how different the Finnish language structure can be from English, and then we started learning some basic greetings, such as “Hello” and “How’s it going?”. We also practiced some pronunciation and agreed that some of the letters sound similar in German (Simon’s mother tongue). I had been learning some German myself too, years ago, so I could pronounce the words with those letters as well. Then Elina and Heini also taught us some numbers, basic vocabulary about animals, and also days of the week and seasons.

We practiced our pronunciation a lot today, so I found this lesson very interesting. The Finnish language is something completely new to me, so I am happy about starting to learn it from native speakers. However, I must say, it was quite difficult for me to memorize some words and phrases in Finnish, so I am planning to practice more.

We agreed on taking turns in teaching, so next week it will be my turn to teach some Russian, and then the week afterwards Simon will teach us some German. We believe that this will be very interesting this way and we can get to know something new every lesson!

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