First meeting Finnish/Arabic

Our first meeting with the group was in a bar called save-file, our introductions were really nice, we got to know everyone, luckily we kind of knew each other from the orientation day since we are all from the same major. One of the first things we did was drink shots, mine was called nenä shotti (Nose Shot) which one of the first body part names that I learn in Finnish. One of the other first words that I needed to know is the word “question” in which Rama and Roope gladly babbled the word “qysymys”, at first I thought that they were mocking, another word is cellphone = kännykkä / puhelin. We then proceeded to drink and play while chatting about my culture and sharing my information regarding food and the unique tastes of Lebanon, maybe we might have a culture food day. In some occasions I needed to indicate on some stuff so they taught me the word “This” which is “Tämä” or “that” = “tuo”.
“Kana muni munia” = “the chicken is laying eggs”

“mies leipoo piirakka” = “the man is baking a pie”

“Kuusi palaa” = “Six of them returns” / “the spruce is on fire” / “the spruce returns” / “Six is on fire” / “ your moon is on fire”/ “your moon returns”/ “six pieces”

After that information, I needed more drinks, got drunk and forgot the rest of the evening.

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