First Session

The first session was me and Yuiko on Monday. We agreed to meet every Monday or every other Monday.

I have been participating in Japanese language courses by the Japanese Foundation. It was a perfect chance to practice and go through what I learned with Yuiko.

She encouraged me a lot. She is a brilliant motivator and helper. She also taught me about the contexts of when to use each term.  It helped me also have a better image of what I have learned. I  could also read now, as long as I have the characters and the English-letter versions.

Finally, it was a very fun company to talk to Yuiko. She is fun and open-minded, and I love her sense of humor. The session time passed nicely and was really smooth.  I am looking forward to having the following meeting together again!


1 thought on “First Session

  1. That’s good to hear! Thank you Nadine, but you flatter me☺️
    I’m also looking forward to seeing you soon.

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