We met live at the next meeting at Ratina’s Espresso House. This was great. No more computer screens.

In this meeting, Omar taught Spain by introducing his own homeland, Ecuador, through a PowerPoint presentation. It was great to hear the local perspective and through it the pride in its own roots. Sometimes there were weird words and sometimes Omar’s speech speeded up (maybe intentionally), so I didn’t quite stay on the cart. Fortunately, there was also a PowerPoint to follow.

However, it was surprising to notice how many familiar words there were and how many words were remembered. During the breaks of many years, it is exciting that, for example, the word coast was not remembered in Spanish. However, the same word flashes in many names, such as the costa del sol.

One of Omar’s tasks was to translate the English text into Spanish. It turned out to be quite challenging. Or maybe more time consuming. However, it was fun to note that me was able to produce Spain.

Next we will see live again. We had the idea of ​​going through both languages ​​in meetings. Maybe next time we need to look at the clock.

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