First meeting Japanese/Finnish/English

Our group chose to do meetings as pairs since our starting levels on Japanese are quite different. Me and Yuiko agreed to meet on friday afternoons and we also planned to have a group meetings once a month. We will complete our meetings on Zoom, until Yuiko can arrive to Finland.

Last friday we started our teaching/learning by getting familiar with weekdays in Finnish and Japanese. Yuiko also learned the numbers 1-10 in Finnish. Apparently numbers in Japanese are difficult, so we chose to focus on those on a later date.

Getsuyoubi – Maanantai – Monday
Kayobi – Tiistai – Tuesday
Suiyobi – Keskiviikko – Wednesday
Mokuyobi – Torstai – Thursday
Kinyobi – Perjantai – Friday
Doyobi – Lauantai – Saturday
Nichiyobi – Sunnuntai – Sunday

I also learned that Otsukaresamadesu is a very common phrase in Japanese society and it means “thank you for your hard work”. I shared 2 videos for Yuiko, first one teaching how to pronounce the letters ä and ö and second one  being a Finnish stand-up comedian explaining that you can use the phrase “Noniin” almost in every situation.

Lastly Yuiko showed me pictures of her trip in Finland. She visited Helsinki and Tampere.

I really enjoyed our first actual teaching/learning meeting and cant wait for the next one!

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