Our second meeting

On Sunday we had our second online meeting with Heini, Simon and Elina. We had a small talk about our work and plans for the week first, and then I taught guys some Russian words and phrases for beginners. I decided to start with greetings in Russian, especially how to say “Hello” and “goodbye” in a few different ways (as you can say it differently when you are talking to your friends or, for example, older people). We also practiced pronunciation a little bit and I explained how to pronounce specific letters in Russian. Then we moved on to saying “thank you” and “you are welcome”, but we didn’t spend much time on it. Afterwards, I told guys how to count 1-10 and we decided to move on to food and drink words, as Heini is a chef and we all wanted to practice some words related to cooking. It was more fun and we talked about cooking and some traditional dishes. Also, guys found it interesting that many words in Russian are very similar to English. For example, banana is “banan” and coffee is “kofe”. We wish that we could meet in real life and have those meetings in person, but as it is not, unfortunately, possible, we still enjoyed spending time meeting online. We are looking forward to our next meeting!

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