Days of the week in Finnish

Tuesdays are with Timo and Fridays are with Joni. They teach me Finnish vocabulary and basic sentences.

Timo brought some photos that he took for the first session. We were studying “How can I say in Finnish/Japanese?” while using the pictures he shared. The game was amusing. I enjoyed playing it with him. I was also glad to know what he is interested in.

On the other hand, Joni’s first lecture was about Numbers and Days of the week.
Below were the words that we studied last session.

Maananatai = Monday = Getsuyōbi
Tiistai = Tuesday = Kayōbi
Keskiviikko = Wednesday = Suiyōbi
Torstai = Thursday = Mokuyōbi
Perjantai = Friday = Kin’yōbi
Lauantai = Saturday = Doyōbi
Sunnuntai = Sunday = Nichiyōbi

As I observed from the days of the week of Finnish, only Keskiviikko has the different form from the other days. I learned that the meaning of Keskiviikko came from “midweek.” It’s very interesting for me.

Anyways, I appreciate Joni’s support. He complimented my Finnish pronunciation and encouraged me to study more. In addition, he sent me videos of Finnish vowel practice for beginner. It would be a big help for my Finnish classes.

Overall, I am grateful for the both of them, Timo and Joni. Because they make my studies in Finnish easier. I have to trust myself, be focused, listen to them and study more. I am looking forward to next session with them!

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