Our First Meeting

Emilia and I met at Café Puisto, in which we chatted about all kinds of topics someone can think of, such as our personal histories, Brazilian and Finnish culture, things we like to do, etc. It was a really nice period of 3 hours in which we were able to get to know each other, plan our meetings and learn.

The exchange of knowledge is clear when we are able to be with a native and understand the culture and language of a country. From funny words to greetings, we learnt a bit more of what we already knew – or thought we did – together. As we are not Linguistic experts, sometimes it is not that easy to explain why we use words the way we do in our own Languages. 

Emilia was interested in how in Portuguese we differentiate feminine and masculine words while I was showing her the greetings “bom diagood morning” and “boa noitegood night”, since dia is a masculine word and noite is a feminine word, so the “good” part changes because of that. I remember that my explanation was something like: “Some Latin speaker one day, said that X word is feminine and Z a masculine word, and they are classified that way till nowadays”. Can’t really say if that was right, but I know that it was humans themselves who chose the word tree for the representation of what we call a tree today, wasn’t it? 

Some things are not easy to explain since we don’t pay too much attention to it when we are speaking our mother tongue, it just comes naturally. Overall, it has been a great experience to learn with Emilia, she is extremely lovely, open to help me with my Finnish skills, to learn my language (which makes me super happy!) and I am enjoying this experience.

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