Second Meeting

In our second meeting, Emilia and I spent 3 lovely hours together, in which we were able to learn the numbers from 1 to 20 in our languages. I believe it was a bit easier for me since I’ve been learning Finnish for a while now, but I never feel really safe to try to speak with random people, so to practice with her gives me more confidence.

Emilia was also checking the materials I have from my Finnish class to check what I was studying and we decided that we can use those materials and also translate to Portuguese, so in that way we are learning the same topics together. 

It was really nice to have her at my place. We tried to play with my kitten but I guess in this task we failed. At least the numbers in Finnish-Portuguese were a success! And of course, also in English, since that’s the common language between us. It is interesting how we can improve our English skills along the way, for example using the translator when we don’t know what we are really trying to say and we need to use the 3 languages. The translator is also a good tool because it gives us many different meanings of only one word and we are able to talk about all the meetings. Emilia also helped me to book a massage and the website was entirely in Finnish, so she was translating step by step, which is good because I can get some different vocabulary from that.

I explained to Emilia that the number 4 is written “quatro”, and the word room is “quarto” and this can be a bit tricky since the position of the T and R is the only thing changing (and the meaning, of course!). But, when we say “you are in 4th place of the competition”, for example, 4th = quarto. It’s clear – I guess – the meaning is different although the way to write the words is the same.

Below you can see números or numerot – in Portuguese and in Finnish – that we did together:

1 – yksi – um

2 – kaksi – dois

3 – kolme – três

4 – neljä – quatro

5 – viisi – cinco

6 – kuusi – seis

7 – seitsemän – sete

8 – kahdeksan – oito

9 – yhdeksän – nove

10 – kymmenen – dez

11 – yksitoista – onze

12 – kaksitoista – doze

13 – kolmetoista – treze

14 – neljätoista – quatorze

15 – viisitoista – quinze

16 – kuusitoista – dezesseis

17 – seitsemäntoista – dezessete

18 – kahdeksantoista – dezoito 

19 – yhdeksantoista – dezenove

20 –  kaksikymmentä – vinte


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