Second meeting, Everyday sentences!

Me and Yuiko met in Zoom again, but this time we agreed to change the date from Friday to Sunday. Reason being that Yuiko was attending to a classical concert and arrived back home late on the evening (time difference between Finland and Japan is 6 hours).

I brought with me 10 useful everyday sentences that might help her during her time in Finland. After explaining the word order and her practising to pronounce them couple of times, she translated and teach me the sentences in Japanese.

  • Mun nimi on (nimi) / My name is (the name) / Watashi no namae wa (name) desu
  • Mikä sun nimi on? / What is your name? / Anata no namae wa?

I learned that Japanese people rarely ask a name of a person

  • Mukava tavata / Nice to meet you / Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
  • Mitä kuuluu? / How are you? / Gengidesuka?
  • Olen kotoisin Japanista/ I am from Japan / Watashi wa Finland shusshin desu.

For me we changed Japan to Finland for obvious reasons.

  • Anteeksi, voitko toistaa? / Sorry, can you repeat that? / Sumimasen, mo-ichido onegaishimasu
  • Hyvää huomenta! / Good morning! / Ohayo!
  • En ymmärrä / I dont understand / Wakarimasen
  • Puhutko englantia? / Do you speak English? / Eigo o hanashi masuka?
  • Apua! / Help! / Tasukete kudasai!

Yuiko wanted to learn practical Finnish, so for example I teach her both “Mikä sun nimi on and mikä sinun nimesi on” but we focus more on spoken language.

It was very fun time and I hope Yuiko can arrive to Finland soon enough. She told me that the expected date would be around December. For next lesson she will bring her 10 sentences and we will do the same thing. Cant wait!

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