How many species of Reindeer can we see in Finland?

It was when I showed Timo one photo of a pizza that I ate in Finland two years ago. I talked to him about it and said “This is a venison pizza!” and he responded “Venison (= meet of deer)? Its reindeer, isn’t it?”
Currently, I am living in Japan which has warmer climate than Finland so I am not familiar with Reindeers. To be honest, I totally forgot that was a Reindeer. Then, Timo shared these wonderful pictures.

Metsäpeura = forest reindeer

Poro = reindeer

One is from Ropi Lappland, the other is Kainuu.

I heard that there are 7 species of Reindeer in total in Finland. He told me that we can see no Reindeers in Tampere. However, it seems that Tampere has white-tailed deers and European fallow deers.

I am sure he is not only like a language teacher but also like a humorous teller of Finnish culture. I really want to see such a beautiful nature as soon as possible.

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